Medical Cannabis Doctors Convene in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
April 3, 2018
Florida’s young medical marijuana industry takes off
May 1, 2018

We just want to make you think….after your next cannabis dose, consider the following…

There’s a reason why you can’t stop thinking about last week’s concert, or why you get chills when reminiscing about the sporting event you were lucky enough to attend years ago. They were uniquely overwhelming experiences — from the smell or the venue to the taste of the food to the collective sounds of the crowd. We are drawn to experiences that provide such multi-sensory stimulation and exhilaration, and it’s a truth that plays into every facet of our lives.


There’s no denying it: through taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound our five senses are a direct line into how we make sense of the world and ourselves. You might see it in your daily routine, like feeling that sense of serenity when petting your dog after a strenuous day at the office. Or perhaps it’s that palpable rush of nostalgia, like a vivid childhood memory triggered by the smell of sunblock. Our senses are powerful forces, and when more than one sense is stimulated at a time, there are wildly creative — and lucrative — applications.

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