In order to get your Medical Marijuana Card and be able to purchase medical marijuana products from a licensed Florida dispensary, you will need to complete the following the steps:

Screening Evaluation

Complete a Screening Evaluation to see if you qualify for Medical Marijuana in the state of Florida.

  • First, educate yourself! Then, Book an Appointment with a Licensed Physician
  • Most of our affiliated physicians offer a minimum 10% special discount on the initial visit for Veterans of the Armed Forces. If you are a Veteran, make sure to attend one of CannXperience Tour monthly events for more information and a Free Evaluation Appointment
  • Show up for your physician appointment at least 20 minutes before schedule to fill out any required paperwork

Face-to-Face Evaluation (each CannXperience Tour event features local physicians who can evaluate you on the spot! Call or email for more details)

Complete a Medical Records Release Form and once reviewed, a representative will contact you to schedule your face-to-face or onsite clinical evaluation.

Register and Pickup Your Florida Medical Marijuaja (MMJ) Card

Register with the Florida DOH, get your card and contact a nearby dispensary to get your medication.

  • Once the Office of Medical Marijuana use processes your payment and application, you will receive an email with your temporary ID card number immediately via email, that you can use while you wait for your permanent ID in the mail (you may also use your verified email with the temporary ID number to purchase Medical Marijuana).
  • Once you have seen your physician for the first time to receive your Medical Marijuana Card, a follow-up RENEWAL visit will be required.



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In order to get your Medical Marijuana Card and be able to purchase medical marijuana products […]
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